Monday, June 26, 2017

And the Game Is....

So with the poll crashing last week I had to let the dice decide what the upcoming stream game would be. I was hoping for "Intrepid Investigators" both because it was currently in the lead and also one of the two book I've been working on. Sadly, it was only in the lead with the votes the poll actually counted (which were 5 out of a total of 9 votes and I got double that in reports of the poll failing alone) so I have to give it a fare shake. My solution was simply a roll of a d6 and the outcome was... (add drum roll in your head) D&D 5E.

Honestly I'm OK with running this (hell it was on my short list after all), but fro the results I DID get it seems like people want something original too. So I'm using this to test drive my OTHER book I was working on. That's right I did say I was working on two books, but a keen reader will notice I haven't talked about other books lately, that's because this one hasn't had the play testing I'd prefer before revealing it. That said what better way to get material than to run it with a group of readers in a public setting I mean what could go wrong.

The book I'm referring to is my newest D&D book called "King Maker" which will bring back a bit of that OSR flavor to fifth edition with better rules for strong holds, situations where players actually might get too old to adventure, building lineages and family lines, X.P. and leveling that is NOT kill based but still dependent on player selection with hard choices baked right in, and all in all making quests that don't turn out to be 20 levels of heroics that took place in all of a year and a half of a character's life.

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