Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Picking Our Upcoming Game

The time has come to select the system and setting for our upcoming community campaign. These are all games I have experience with and am comfortable enough to run a game even if I'm not incredibly familiar with my players which is good since YOU all will be up as players.  You can vote here and don't forget to email me at acrossthetableproductions@gmail.com if you're interested in being on the list to game at the GM's Table.

Game will be held online weekly every Wednesday from 6:30P.M. till 11P.M. US Eastern Standard Time.

This poll will be running for ONE WEEK before final scores are tallied.

UPDATE: Sadly something went wrong through Strawpoll and the poll became corrupted. Last night I was getting reports that voting would cause the poll to go blank and results weren't updating.  I went to check myself  and the poll is reading as an error code through the direct link.  Because of this I will be rolling at random what game we will be playing on Monday morning with the announcement post. I'm sorry to everyone one who voted.

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