Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Weekly Update: 9/20/2017

This week I talk about some new-ish changes to the channel, a brand new game coming out, and what happened with Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Weekly Update: Initiative, NPCs, and ETU

Welcome to the weekly update. If you missed any of our videos this week check them out below.

Let's Run Savage Worlds #4: Combat Part 1 (Initiative)
Starting out our three part section on running combat in Savage Worlds we start at the beginning, with initiative.

Vlog #12: When NPCs Lie
I talk about teaching your players that not every source of information is a reliable one and how to handle that while keeping things fare and fun.

Vlog #13: My Favorite Setting (ETU)
I talk about my all tiem favorite Savage Worlds setting, East Texas University.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Weekly Update: System Crunch, Cheating, Table Setup, & More Starfinder

Welcome back everybody. If you aren't subscribed the the new GM's Table Youtube channel then you might have miss the videos that came out this week.

Let's Run Savage Worlds #3: Table Setup
This week I talk about how I set up my personal table for in person game dealing with tips not just for Savage Worlds but any first time GM.

Vlog #10: System Crunch
I rant on for a bit about the different levels of "crunch" in game systems, where I tend to fall, and understanding that there is no one game for every taste.

Vlog #11: "Cheating"
I take a heavy but careful rant in the dangerous waters of GMs "cheating" and talk about the gray area from changing story elements on the fly to flat out fudging die rolls are where I stand on all of it.

Starfinder First Impressions (Part2)
In part 2 of my very long Starfinder first impressions video I finish up the book talking about gear, star ships, and the overall design mentality of the game as well as my final thought before getting some real time at the table with everything.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Weekly Update: Starfinder, Bennies, Pay2Play, & Optional Rules

Welcome back everybody. If you aren't subscribed the the new GM's Table Youtube channel then you might have miss the videos that came out this week.

Let's Play Savage Worlds #2
This week I talk about the importance of Bennies in Savage Worlds and the different ways you can use them.

Pay to Play
I ramble a bit about GMs that charge players and celebrity GMs.

Optional Rules
I rant a bit about players needing to understand that some rules are optional and both how best and how worst to implement them in a game system.

Starfinder Impressions
Sadly due to a family medical situation the D&D Legacies stream is on hold, but fear not because I finished reading the new Starfinder game which I WILL be able to stream as it is not slotted for an evening game so instead I start my long talk on what I'm excited and disappointed by in the system before getting a first had feel for it at the table.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Starfinder Update

No vlogs on Wednesdays, but do have an update for where we will be going after D&D Legacies

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Weekly Update: Lets Run Savage Worlds, D&D Legacies, More Beyond, Genre, & D&D 4E

So it was a busy week with last week being our big opening week of the Youtube channel. Below are links to all kinds of great stuff from both D&D and Savage Worlds

Lets Run Savage Worlds #1
That's right we now have a Savage Worlds specific show dedicated to being a step by step guide for new GMs. In our first episode we discuss what's to come, picking a genre and starting adventure, picking setting rules for that adventure, and selecting archetypes for your players to choose from.

D&D Legacies Session 1 Part 3
We finally wrap up session 1 and if you haven't been following its a real nail biter. Our heroes got themselves in way other their heads. One bit the dust at the end of Part 2 and another is jsut a round or two from doing the same. Find out how it all turns out here.

D&D Beyond Revisited
So my D&D Beyond video has ruffled a few feathers, but something to note is it was based on a PRE-release version. Now that the program is in full swing I talk about what's improved and what sadly is still lacking.

Genre Vs Playstyle
In this vlog I go on a bit of a rant about understanding the difference between genres and styles of games and understanding how many games can handle multiple genres just so long as you're willing to accept their limits in playstyle.

D&D 4E
Finally I talk about one of the most divided editions of D&D ever. I don't love it, but I don't hate it, and here's why.