Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Applications Still Open for Upcoming D&D

A reminder that applications are still open until. July 2nd.

System: D&D 5th Editon

Time: Every Wednesday from 6:30-11 PM ETS.

Description: Welcome to King Maker, a game of building legacies. This is a game where entire years (in game of course) may happen between adventures. Where fortunes will be gained and lost. Players will have the chances to build strongholds, towns, wizard towers, churches, and found guilds if they choose. Character advancement will happen through training and time which costs coin or magic and provides a real reason to quest into dangerous dungeons and forgotten tombs. In addition to gaining class levels characters are free to train into learning new feats, languages, skills, and tool usage meaning characters can decide their fate far more than normal class based advancement, but just like gaining gold heroes will need to find the trainer they wish sparking even more adventure.

Players who are interested can email with answers to the following questions.

1. Name

2. Age

3. Prior Gaming Experience (and yes new comers and first timers are welcome)

4. What do you look for when you play a game? (combat, exploration, puzzles, role playing, ect)

5. What do you personally feel is your greatest strength you bring to a game?

6. What is you biggest weakness or habit as a player?

7. What are your top 3 table top game? (Again its ok if you are new or don't even have a full three but limit it to 3 for those that have more.)

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