Thursday, September 8, 2016

Cheap & Fast Minis

So now that I'm running a home game again and not just online games I've found myself in a need for minis. Personally I prefer theater of the mind style play, but I get players who don't so I try to cater to my table.  The thing is right now I'm running East Texas University and finding miniatures that aren't your standard fantasy fodder can be a real pain. Luckily as I was part of the game's Kickstarter and got all those free goodies I have PDFs of paper miniatures and it turns out I love paper minis.  Not just because if they get destroyed I can easily replace them, but because I can make my own.

I know these kinds of minis aren't new since Pathfinder has a line that slide into bases, but what I really love about the ETU ones is they just fold into a triangle you glue. They're fast, easy, and I don't need plastic bases to use them. The best part is once I figured out the format and sizing I can now make my own by just putting whatever image I want on a blank version of the template and I'm ready to go.
Here's the starting template I use ( Blank Flats)
Personally I do all this in Microsoft Word as I can easily convert the final product to PDF, but I know google docs works too.

After that I either throw an image I like or make a token with a handy Token Tool for a cleaner look.

Here's an example of a dozen gremlins I whipped up for last night's adventure.

Finally If you want a custom character token but don't have a ton of artistic talent check out any order article I did on using Hero Forge to make character models HERE.

And there you have it. With about 15 minutes of work and a page of printing you have a dozen new tokens for your game.

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