Friday, March 4, 2016

Sad News & Free Token Tips

So as I said yesterday my updating would be contingent on the health of my wife.  Sadly things have not gotten better meaning I will be tending to her today instead of working here.  This does mean more time to polish what I have over the weekend and I can let you know about that is to come on the GM content side.  Monday rain or shine I will be releasing the tools to randomly generate an entire dungeon cave adventure for heroes level 4-6.  Eventually this will become part of a bigger pdf project I'm working on for Drive-Through RPG, but all the core material will be coming to all of you for free as a thank you for sticking with us at GMs Table for over a year.

As a side note Ill also share a personal GMing tip I've been working on and that is making 3D custom models for my online games.  Check out, it's an awesome but pricey site that lets you make and 3D print custom miniatures.  If I was rolling in cash I'd buy them, but you can also get a free picture of your miniature for free and with some Photoshop effort they can be easily colorized and BAM you have a custom 3D model for your virtual table top.  You can even shift the camera to any angle you want including an over head shot for those of you that enjoy that style of virtual token.  Here's just a small example of someone I was toying with before and after Photoshop. They are already Png files with transparent background so perfect for most VTTs.

And with a bit of filter work if you want a more Tell Tale Games look.

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