Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Big News and Updates

So sadly I had said big news was coming and it never did. That's because while I had been working on a custom gaming system another publisher released a VERY similar system to mine. Sometimes things like this happen in the creative world, but it still meant going back to the drawing board, however the good news has returned. The system that was being worked on called the DECA System has be completely rebuilt from the ground up so as to not infringe on any other copy written work and will be entering the play testing phase this November.

The GM's Table is on the look out for GM's looking to try out our newest system and give feedback so we can make the best product possible for everyone. Because of that we are accepting applications for GMs to get free play test material as well as players who we can direct to playtesting games.  All we need from you is to email the GM's Table with your name, roll20 user name, a short description of your gaming and GMing experince, and the genres you prefer to play.

If your application is accepted you will begin our nondisclosure procedures and then be given a playtest packet with information suited to playing one of your preferred genres as well as a limited bestiary.

Also coming done the pipeline soon will be a new drivethroughrpg product for fun and interesting adventure generation for any system which should be out in time for the holidays.

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