Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Session 3

Last time on Ashen Grey:

  • The heroes took the task from the gnome Wiz Bang to explore the arcane ruins of "The Pit". 
  • After saving some guards from a handful of blood sucking stirges they were informed of a wild and vicious dog living within the pit with a bounty on its head.
  • Axl failed to climb a rope while Peak found a ramp.
  • The dog was found with two heads and its own flock of stirges at its disposal.
  • The stirges burned up with Peak's magic while Axl got a nasty infection from a dog bite.
  • While victory was won Axl's infection had everyone worried and they group headed back to town before venturing deeper into the pit.
  • Lofael found an elven paladin of Thor (the normally dwarven god) who seemed to know of the heroes fathers and was more than happy to cure the ailing dragonborn.
  • While dinner invitations by the elf were given everyone instead decided to skip dinner and venture back into the pit at day break.
  • Now deeper into the pit shambling bodies that burst into clouds of disease as well as a Plague Mephit were encounter, but somewhat easily dispatched letting out gang know that disease might be a reoccurring theme down here.

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