Thursday, February 18, 2016

Session 2 & 3 Recap

Now that our heroes are deep into "The Pit" and are standing at the doors to their latest destination it's time for a bit of a recap.  Since I'm having to cover two sessions instead of one I'm going to break this down into the bigger events that have happened and as usual there will be links to session recordings and my GMing material at the end.

Session 2:
  • The heroes took the task from the gnome Wiz Bang to explore the arcane ruins of "The Pit". 
  • After saving some guards from a handful of blood sucking stirges they were informed of a wild and vicious dog living within the pit with a bounty on its head.
  • Axl failed to climb a rope while Peak found a ramp.
  • The dog was found with two heads and its own flock of stirges at its disposal.
  • The stirges burned up with Peak's magic while Axl got a nasty infection from a dog bite.
  • While victory was won Axl's infection had everyone worried and they group headed back to town before venturing deeper into the pit.
  • Lofael found an elven paladin of Thor (the normally dwarven god) who seemed to know of the heroes fathers and was more than happy to cure the ailing dragonborn.
  • While dinner invitations by the elf were given everyone instead decided to skip dinner and venture back into the pit at day break.
  • Now deeper into the pit shambling bodies that burst into clouds of disease as well as a Plague Mephit were encounter, but somewhat easily dispatched letting out gang know that disease might be a reoccurring theme down here.
Session 3:
  • After getting some rest the heroes decided to venture further where they encountered a hunting pack of Troglodytes watching them from the rooftops with nets.
  • Joran Leaping first lead the way up a neighboring building to bring the fight face to face, but was over whelmed by the troglodytes swift and rapid attacks leaving him unconscious on the ground.
  • Axl Followed right behind to help save his cousin while Peak threw yet more fire from a safe distance on the other building and Lofael began tracking a couple fleeing targets along the ground through ally ways.
  • On the ground Lofael found an untouched apartment within the ruined that he used as a quick access point to cut off the fleeing threat and later safe haven while Axl and Peak finished off the ones foolish enough to stay and fight.
  • Once the battle over Peak used a bit of first aid to patch up Joran, but he was still unconscious so the party used their new apartment to hold tight for a few hours while Joran came to and everyone patched up their wounds.
  • Afterwards, with the sun setting, the group heading back out to find the origin of the troglodytes. A sudo-volcano made of collapsed buildings that according to their map had the gnomish workshop in its center.
  • Using the alcohol given to them by Pete and Wiz Bang Lofael and Peak made a few improvised explosives that the wood elf would plant in secret before revealing themselves.
  • Sadly only 2/3 of the explosives were set before Lofael was spotted, but he was able to give them the slip in time to hurriedly set the last bottle near everyone for when the lizards got too close for comfort.
  • Enemies were alerted and tricked into their explosive deaths thanks to some flaming sharp shooting of the hidden bottles, but the Troglodyte Chief remained and using a rather slick shield he sledded quickly into battle.
  • Conjuring magic as well as some steel tipped claws we was ready to kill, but only lasted a few second between sword and arrow, but not before taking Joran yet again to the ground and unconscious.
  • In dire straights the party decided to try some dubious potions found on the hunters and cheif that smelled of sewage and luckily being able to keep them down Joran was healed.

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