Monday, December 14, 2015

Games of the Holidays 10. 11. &12

Dread: This one really has me interested as it's a fusion of board and role playing.  Mostly this is a horror role playing game where every player shares the storytelling, but at the same time the tension of the story is real as players are also basically playing a game a Jenga where when all the pieces fall someone's likely to die.

Settlers of Catan: A board game classic that I honestly should already own but have played plenty of times.  The basics of trading resources it easily at its finest and most polished here.

Leverage: So this on runs the Cortex Plus system and honestly I can't say I love or hate the core system.  From what I've played in other games it can swing in effectiveness as Marvel Heroes is honestly just plain bad where as I actually enjoyed the Firefly RPG.  My feeling though is that Leverage would fit more in the latter as super heroes are difficult for most systems, but a heist/con based game could really work with their storytelling mechanics.  Plus it doesn't hurt that its in a very over looked genre.

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