Friday, November 13, 2015

Is D&D 5th Edition Already Stale?

D&d 5th Edition might be the newest version out there, but already I'm feeling like the line is getting boring.  This version might only be a little over a year old, but for anyone heavily involved in the play test we've been toying around with most of these mechanics since 2012.  Don't get me wrong the mechanics are sound and this edition is probably my favorite yet, but it's all feeling very stagnant to me.  Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide came out this month and honestly I didn't even really care and from what I've hear I didn't miss much.

Part of the problem is that everything is currently in Forgotten Realms and that setting never really grabbed me.  I don't blame WotC for having that be their up front setting as it is popular and one people already know, but come on.  There have been three full campaigns that each take you from level one all the way to high end play and ALL of them are Forgotten realms.  Yea they're different stories, but if you don't like that one setting no other options are out there.  Their first splat book is 120 out of 150 pages of fluff for more Forgotten Realms.  mind you this is a setting with so much lore and fiction written about it that if I wanted this information I could have just pulled up a wiki for 99% of it.  Even the map of the coast is just a single page image which I could have gotten online and printed if I cared that much about.

Now I'm not saying WotC should be flooding shelves with new books every month like we're back in 4th Edition, but at this point at least one of those adventures could have been in one of the many other settings they've hinted about.  I get wanting to trickle out content but it really feels like some one in marketing thought it was a good idea to put everything they can for one setting out before moving onto the next.  Problem is that just leaves people either burnt out on the setting or if they don't like the setting to start with not buying anything.  I'm not even asking for a full setting book,, though I'm sure WotC wouldn't want an adventure out in a setting they can't also sell a setting book for, just a campaign that isn't drenched in "The Realms".  Have an haunted castle adventure in Grey Hawk or a some Dragon Lance fun.  The campaigns already include extra player options so shifting focus to one or two options that fit into that setting would still fit into the format you've put forth. 

There's more I could say about staying so tight to one genre and even the OGL and the problems and solutions that all creates, but this has been enough of a rant.

Oh and fuck them adding prestige classes again.  The subclass system was an elegant evolution of that system that makes bringing them back in both redundant and lazy.

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