Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fallout First Survivors: Professions

Even in the wastes it helps to have a job.  Here's some professional edges for your post apocalypse.

Requirements: Senior, Brave, Guts, Spirit d8+
You’re not actually fearless, but you’re as close as it gets. If you fail a Fear roll, the GM rolls a d12 for the Fright Table result instead of a d20.

Former Cop
Requirements: Novice, Knowledge (Law) d6+, Shooting d6+, Intimidate d8+, Survival d6+, Major Vow (bring law to the Wastes)
 Before the bombs you might have been a local beat cop, detective, or even just a security guard, but now you might be the only law left out there.  Whatever you history, you seek to protect and serve those eking out a living in the Wastes. You carry a badge of some sort, giving you authority over those who respect the law (and +2 Charisma). Exactly what this means depends on the situation, but most survivor settlements are happy to embrace an impartial, traveling law bringer
as judge, arbiter, and peace officer if there are problems. The downside is that you have vowed to protect and serve tending to help everyone you can.

Requirements:  Seasoned, Spirit d6+
This dweller has stared the things that lurk in the dark right in the mug and learned to handle her fear. She ignores two points of Fear penalties for both her Spirit roll and any Fright Table result.

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Knowledge (Any) d8+, Notice d8+
You are dedicated to protecting and preserving the knowledge from before the war as well as documenting what's happened since.  If chosen at character creation you begin play with a personal collection of books or possibly "data tapes" (small cassettes usable in your Pipboy to record and retrieve information. All a collector of knowledge you have the hindrance Vow Major (gather and restore knowledge). In exchange for your dedication you begin play with the Investigator Edge and gain +2 Charisma when dealing with any intellectual or scientific person.

Your mission of recovering books gives you a unique opportunity when
scavenging. Whenever the character draws an Ace, they can choose to trade the listed result for discovering some book on the Librarians’ want list instead. They’re rewarded with a Benny immediately and get 2d6 x 100 Caps on arrival back at a Vaultech office with the volume (along with the accolades of their superiors).
Additionally, you also have free access to the Grand Library in Sacramento, CA. Research performed there can find just about any information with a successful Investigation roll.

Requirements: Veteran, Librarian, Smarts d10+
Not only did this dweller pay attention in class, he actually retained it—and most everything else he’s ever seen, read, or heard about. The sage adds +2 to Investigation rolls and can make an Investigation roll without any source material (other than his memory) at a –2 penalty.

Requirements: Novice, Notice d8+
Scavengers are those brave (or foolish) survivors who enter the remnants of the
ruined cities of the wastes searching for vital supplies—and the occasional luxury item. Skill in picking over the detritus of a devastated town is a prized ability in these difficult times. Scavengers get a +2 to Notice rolls when scavenging. Additionally, if successful, they double the normal results, gaining 2d6 x2 Caps on a success or drawing two cards on a raise.

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