Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fallout Combat Edges

With backgrounds out of the way now it's time for those combat monsters out there with some Combat Edges.

Requirements: Wild Card, Seasoned, Spirit d8+
Your hero adds his wound levels to both his Fighting rolls and the damage he causes from them. A hero with 3 wounds, for instance, adds +3 to his Fighting and Fighting damage rolls.

It Wasn't Me
Requirements: Novice
There’s protection with friends! You gain a +2 to Parry if you are adjacent to at least one ally or fellow target (GM’s call).

Kung Fu:
Requirements: Novice, Martial Artist, Fighting d8+, Spirit d8+
Your dweller has no needs for weapons as through intense training and practice your fists are one of the deadliest things in the wastes.  Rather than list the hundreds of different styles such as Mantis or Drunken or Shaolin Temple, we’ve broken them down into general categories you can customize and describe for yourself.

A warrior may know multiple styles by taking this Edge additional times, though no specialty may be taken more than once. Combined with standard combat Edges such as First Strike and Frenzy, Kung Fu warriors can be phenomenal fighters.
Confusion: This style emphasizes distraction, feints, or keeping a foe off-balance. The martial artist can make a Smarts trick and a Fighting attack with no multi-action penalty.
Focus: The martial artist focuses his mind to rule out all other distractions, increasing his accuracy over long distances. He halves range penalties for all Shooting or Throwing attacks (–1 at Medium and –2 at Long).
Defensive: The martial artist moves in strange ways or perhaps senses where his opponent is about to strike. She gains an additional +2 to Parry when using the Full Defense maneuver (+4 total), and ranged attacks suffer a –2 to hit her when using the maneuver as well.
• Power: The martial artist considers his Strength to be two die types higher for Fighting attacks, whether attacking bare-handed or with melee weapons. This increases damage and counts toward the minimum Strength for using a weapon.
• Precision: The attacker looks for weak spots, pressure points, or other openings to increase the effectiveness of his strikes. This counts as +2 AP to all Fighting attacks. With a raise on a Fighting attack, the martial artist does +1d8 damage instead of +1d6.
• Resilient: This fighter has mastered mind over matter. He gains the Hardy monstrous ability (see Savage Worlds).
Speed: The warrior draws an extra Action Card for initiative. This stacks with Level Headed and Improved Level Headed.
Toughness: Those who practice this style have learned to train their bodies and minds to ignore their body’s pain. This grants them +1 to Toughness and Vigor rolls made to soak damage.
Trickery: The martial artist adds +2 to in-combat Taunt rolls and Agility tricks.

VATS Expert
Requirements:  Heroic, Shooting or Fighting d10+

The dweller's Pipboy is like an extension of his body. He can disarm a cultist or shoot the smile off a death claw at 20 paces. When attacking ignore –2 in total penalties regardless of the source (wounds, range, called shots etc.).

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