Monday, October 26, 2015

Fallout First Survivors: Backgrounds

We've covered Arcane Backgrounds, but those are the only tricks character's might start with.  Here are a few other background edges for character creation in Savage Worlds Fallout First Survivors.

Arcane Backgrounds:
-FEVer: Not all mutants are equal. For some lucky few they have developed strange and powerful abilities the world has never seen before.
-Psychics: The Weirdness of the wasteland just continues as a rare select few seem to have developed psychic powers even if they have no outward mutations to show.
-Scrappers:  With all the bits and bobs around the wastes a clever dweller might be able to throw together just about anything, just as long as you don't expect it to last long.

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+
Devout dwellers believe in a greater power, deity, or spirit, or perhaps just their own sense of self and willpower. They are typically religious, but don’t have to be. Devout heroes add +2 to all opposed Spirit rolls where their faith might come into play such as resisting mutant powers. (GM’s call).

Government Plant:
Requirements:  Wild Card, Novice, Fighting d6+, Shooting d8+, Survival d6+, Throwing d6+,GM’s approval
The US Government worked closely with Vaultech and in fact knew of the "Survivor's Program" in response they sent in a single well trained and loyal soldier  shot up with every immunization they could into every survivor vault they knew of.  Being such a soldier your duty is to take your training and know-how and help rebuild the America that was.  Soldiers start the game with +20 Experience Points and typically have four extra Advances. In addition to whatever Hindrances the character has of his own, he also has a Major Vow to restore civilization and the US, in that order. Those chosen for this program will give their lives for that cause. They don’t have to be idealistic, but they are definitely driven. These soldiers can never take the Arcane Background, Ghoul, or Rad Resistant Edges.

Rad Resistant:
Requirements: Novice, Vigor d6+
Your dweller could drink rads like Nukacola. He gains +4 on Vigor rolls to resist Fatigue from radiation. Rad Resistant provides no benefit versus targeted or damaging effects.

Requirements: Novice, Repair d6+, Rich

You dweller had the means and foresight to take the highest level of the "Bring Home With You" program and reserved one of very few garages in Vault 7.  You begin play with a civilian vehicle of your choice (as approved by the GM).  Luckily cars no longer require fuel as the micro reactor keeps everything nice and powered.  The down side is you are now driving around a battlefield with a small nuke under you.  Additionally,  many highways are clogged with wrecked and abandoned vehicles. Even clear roadways are a hazard as busted-up asphalt and debris-strewn streets tend to tear up a suspension.

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