Monday, October 19, 2015

Fallout First Survivors: Ghouls

When I posted my first few setting rules for F:FS there was one comment I was waiting to see and sure enough it was the first response I got.  "Ghouls in Fallout are transformed from radiation not when someone dies."  This is 100% correct in fallout and in Last Survivor that is the MAIN way ghouls come to be, but not the only.

There's something special about the Arizona sands around Phoenix. Most times a person becomes a ghoul due to massive exposure to radiation in a short period of time.  While this is still true, something about the sands around Phoenix is taking things a step further.  Any poor survivor that has spent a large amount of time in the Phoenix has a chance of mutating into a ghoul any time they fall dead.  It's rare, but when it comes to rising from the dead even rare is a bit too often.  Worse yet a ghouls that arise sometimes don't stop mutating with an alarming number of Glowing Ones and every a very rare few that seems to be able to bend radiation to their will.

Here's your first taste of one of the many things that's going to make F;LS a totally new experience from your standard game of Fallout.  No worries there are answers to this and a few other mysteries, but that's what the plot point campaign will be for.  For now all you need to know is the Wild Wasteland Perk comes standard and if that isn't your style one of the great things about Savage Worlds is you can just pull that piece out and have something to fit your tastes.

As for what I have here is a link to both the rules for becoming a Ghoul and a list of edges for your more heavily mutated players.  Also if you Deadlands fans out there notice some similarities between these suped-up ghouls and the Harrowed that's no accident.

Ghoul Rules

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