Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Savage Setting

I'm going to start with stating that this is and will be a fan made setting that any of you out there is free to use for your own games and that while I do my best play testing rules, gear, powers, and monsters I can only do so much so anyone's input is more than welcome as long as it's constructive.  My favorite aspect of playing Savage Worlds is actually the community so your input is welcome here.  With all that otu of the way I present...
This is going to be a high action game with a lot of craziness thrown in.  Playing as Residents of Vault 7, a "Survivor's Vault" that was set to reopen only one week after being sealed. While at first glance the vault appeared to be built with long term stay in mind with full entertainment libraries, a large automated dining hall, and family specific sleeping quarters none of it was built to last.  The power generators were rigged to overload and begin malfunctioning within the first week which was also the vault's cue to unseal the main hatch.  Food and medical supplies turned out to be incredibly limited only having enough to support  its residents for roughly one month.  No weapons or forms of defense were provided, however residents who paid a premium were permitted to bring along personal items without question.

The game;s main plot point will unfold around the first survivors of Vault 7 as they must venture out into the wastelands to find food, supplies, and possibly allies to help the vault survive.  Being in the first moments after the bombs means radiation is a constant threat and any creature or faction encountered will most likely be the first.

Some Starting Setting Rules:

-Bennies & Luck: In Last Survivors heroes begin each session with 3 Bennies plus 1 additional Bennie for every rank above Novice.  The Luck and Great Luck edges no longer provide bennies, but instead grant the player a single Adventure Card each.

-Pipboys and Targeting: Pipboys just make players better.  While wearing a functioning Pipboy and character gains a d8 wild die and reduces called shot penalties by 1.

-Ghouls: Due to the inevitable and constant exposure to radiation when a player dies they draw a single card per rank from the action deck. If one of those cards is a Joker they may instead transform into a ghoul. If a player dies due to radiation poisoning they draw an additional card.

-Caps: On average $10 will translate to 1 Cap.  Players start with $250 (Yes they start with cash not caps) and can spend 1 hindrance point to start with either $250 more in cash or a case of NukaCola (a 12pack.)

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