Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fallout First Survivors: FEVers

If the dead rising as Ghouls seemed odd you haven't seen anything yet.  The strangeness surround Phoenix and the Arizona Wastes go much further with the strange and powerful mutants known as Fevers.  Their name comes from the intense heat their bodies put off as their own blood has become radioactive.  Most look similar to ghouls while others look even more horrific with added limbs or even faces, but a rare few look just like any other dweller out on the wastes.

What makes Fevers so special isn't there appearance or even their glowing green blood, but what they are capable of. Some have super speed while others can even control your mind.  No one knows what caused these chances (More mysteries for the upcoming plot point), but there are theories floating around the wastes.  Some think it's in the water, others the air, and a few rant and rave about war time experiments escaping after the bombs fell, but no matter the cause they are here now and might be here to stay.

FEVer Rules

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