Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fallout First Survivors: Psykers

We've looked at Ghouls and Fevers, but the weirdest of all  would have the be the rare and incredibly powerful Psykers.  For anyone that says that psychic powers don't belong in Fallout I direct you here.  Many things can cause a psyker and as you've might have guessed the most likely cause in Last Survivors won't be revealed until the plot point campaign.

What makes a Psyker more feared than Fevers is that while a Fever has a very rare chance of not looking mutated it is the norm for Psykers.  With their powers derived from mutations in the brain these individuals can possess powers thought to be only of myths and gods with no visible sign.  That said not all wounds are visible either and all Psykers possess some level of mental instability while also being more susceptible to future mental illness.

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