Wednesday, August 2, 2017

King Maker Session 2 Recap & Session 3

Last week our heroes finally braved the strange twisted tower on the shore they'd spend the last two weeks venturing to. Inside the found mounds of gibbering flesh that warped the mind and ancient elves occupied by their own magic. While facing one of the gibbering mounds the Knight Morgan fell so the others could live. Fleeing back to Devonshire the party collected the final of the Knights of Morgan as strong and agile fighter that happens to be incredibly sickly, but at this point they are scrapping the bottom of Devonshire's Barrel.

Going back in the part faced and defeated the remaining mounds as well as the corrupted elves to find treasure. Also in the tower a door leading to a black sea was found and a simple ladder appearing to lead the the second floor. Taking a peek into the second floor they saw what appeared to be a two stalked beholder with a massive tougn. Now onto this week...

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