Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Kingmaker Session 1 Recap and Session 2 Live

Hey everyone, tonight is Session 2 of our King Maker campaign which you can watch LIVE here starting at 7pm EST. If you missed last week's adventures there's a breakdown below...

Last time in our adventures the players met in the area known as New City. From there they heard of a mysterious tower which grew from the ocean on the kingdom's east shore. On the travels they encountered a group of knights transporting strange cargo which turned out to be a captured gargoyle. The beast escaped and our heroes defeated it.
After their battle they entered the town of Devonshire where they met with the local duke and negotiated supplies in return for capturing an exotic creature from the tower as a pet for the duke who already have what appeared to be a very small beholder in his possession.
After leaving Devonshire the group were hunted by a fearsome manticore who disabled the party. Luckily while carrying their bodies back to its lair the heroes revived themselves and sprung a trap allowing all but their fighter to flee. Returning to the duke of Devonshire the remaining party gained aid in the form of the fighter's brother and returned to the manticore cave for revenge. Having the time to prepare and element of surprise the group was victorious finding the masnticore's cave filled with treasure. They have decided to carry this haul with them to the tower rather than deposit it in Devonshire, but the party's thief is heading back to the nearby town sending his new friends out on their own.

Session 2 PART 1

Watch live video from theGMtable on

Watch live video from theGMtable on

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