Thursday, March 10, 2016

Session 7 Recap

As our heroes ventured into the smuggling tunnels that connect West End and Shore Line they encounters a bit of a road block, literally.
Finding their path caved in and a malicious wraith summoning specters a new course needed to be charted  that will take them a total of four days travel.  It has also become apparently that the wraith isn't the only undead down here as they came across a buried battlefield littered with fighting zombies as well as luminescent fungus with even more undead lurking withing.  Along they way they also encountered the ghosts of lost explorers as well as a very much alive smuggler who was trapped in a cave with a collapsing floor.  Now they have set up camp making it half way though their journey along with a new companion and two very much afraid prisoners.

A Note: We would also like to apologize for the technical difficulties about half way though the session. The voice service we use decided to completely fail on us for about 15 minutes.

GM Material: While this isn't the finalized adventure path being used these are the notes for each encounter our party has reached so far..

1: Cave In
As the heroes make their way deeper into the caverns they find that their way has been blocked by a cave in with I horrific black ghost at the rubble pulling the spirits of dead adventurers turning them into spectres.  Once he notices the heroes his first actions will be to announce that the heroes have entered "his domain" and will soon serve a greater purpose" while darting past the party into the ceiling of the tunnel they arrived from.  This will allow the wraith the escape while also causing the exit to collapse forcing the heroes to find a new way through the caverns. (4 Speters 800XP)

2: Lost Battle
The caverns open up to what appears to be a submerged battle field complete with tattered banners and crumbling walls.  At the center of the field a fight is taking between a group of now undead soldiers and an undead ogre.  The party can attempt to sneak their way past the fight for 1/2 XP with a DC8 Stealth check. (1 Ogre Zombie and 11 Zombies 1000XP).  As an action a character can attempt to search part of the field to find a potion of healing with a Wisdom (Perception) DC15 check amongst the bodies and rubble around the field.  There are up to 3 potions hidden in this part of the cavern which will require either 3 separate checks while staying hidden or a single check if the character can take their time.

3: The Last Party
In the middle of the night the sound of talking can be heard as a group of four ghosts approach the camp bickering.
The four ghosts are a group of killed adventurers that do not know they have in fact died. IF asked they are somewhat helpful and can provide the following information:
  1. They were sent the Shoreline Guard to investigate the rumors of a rogue necromancer by the name of Dolyth having fled into the caverns.
  2. They will warn of a bridge guarded by evil shadows that they had to fight their way past, however they cannot remember quite how they survived (this is in fact how they died and their bodies were washed deep into the caverns.
  3. A DC20 Charisma (Diplomacy)  check will allow one ghost to confide that her also heard that sometimes shipment from the dwarven mines would get lost down here before the city fell and usually contain considerable riches.
4: (SPOILERS) This will have to stay a screte for now.

5: A Strange Growth
The heroes come across a field of glowing fungus 40ft long and 40ft wide stretching the cavern walls on either side. A DC13 Wisdom (Perception) check will reveal that there are 5 Zombies amongst the fungus covered bodies. A DC15 Nature (Only for character with proficiency) check will indicate that the fungus emits a poisonous gas, while a DC20 check also allows a character to know that once cooked properly it is edible and safe to eat. Living creatures crossing the fungus require a DC10 Constitution save each round they enter or starts their turn in the fungus or suffer 1d10 poison damage. (5 Zombies 250XP)

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