Friday, March 11, 2016

Magic Item Cache

Sadly between a toddler's doctor appointment and a player needing to watch a family member we will not be streaming today BUT to make up for that I present you a few magic items for your D&D games.

Cleansing Blade: This celestial dagger made of gleaming steal with a hilt in the style of angelic wings was forged so pure that not even filth can stay on it leaving the blade always perfectly clean. Additionally if a good aligned creature wields the blade against an evil undead the blade deals an additional D4 radiant damage.

The Fey Hunter: A Hand Crossbow gifted to the Dwarves by Earth Elementals that conjures and fires bolts made of any metal (including silver and cold iron). The bolts dissolve within 10 seconds after being fired.  Sadly the owner of the bow also becomes obsessed with finding and hoarding rare metals and gems.

Glamgor's Melodic Blade: Made to honor the bard Glamgor when he used a rather phenomenal flute performance to distract an Orc Chief and slip a dagger between his ribs freeing  the gnomes from slavery.
This dagger has the ability to take the illusory form of a flute when held and plays notes when the blade is tapped aiding in the illusion allowing any character proficient with daggers can play the dagger as an instrument.  The notes also play what the blade strikes in combat slowing playing out the song Glamgor once played many years ago and deals +1d6 damage against orcs and half orcs.

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