Thursday, February 4, 2016

The 5E Stream Is Coming

With most of our technical issues resolved the stream game is just around the corner.  Character stats have been rolled and classes decided.  While this isn't anything near polished as what we're going for with the actual game we did record our mad ramblings during character gen as well as seeing the stat dice hit the virtual table here.  Sadly the official channel was having problems, but thanks to our streaming guru Baneil we were able to at least get everything up on his channel.

Next Wednesday 2PM EST session one goes live, but until then look for daily post about how the world of Ashen Grey has changed since last year, some of the house rules we will be using after over a year of running 5E, bios for our new heroes, and even re-posts of the need to know info classes and rules of Ashen Grey we've already covered s long ago.

Watch live video from Rethillas on

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