Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Coming Soon to a PDF Near You

So I've been keep this project pretty quiet as i worked out the details, but thanks to the WotC OGL most of that work is now unneeded. For some time I've been planning on releasing a series of "micro adventures". I know I'm not the only one to use that term but most of what I've seen it there is single page encounters and to me a single encounter just isn't enough. For my Savage Worlds players we are used to one sheet adventures and while those are closer they still aren't quite what I've been looking for.

What I've always wanted was a complete package on a single sheet of paper. I can't give away too much just yet on how I finally pulled out off as the formatting has been a nightmare, but soon The GM's Table will be releasing full three act adventures complete with just about any side rule pertinant to the adventure (such as poison fatigue or even grappling rules) all on one piece of paper (two of the adventure includes a map out handouts).

Best of all while I'm writing the first series for d&d I will also be releasing all the adventures with Savage Worlds rules and stats as well. Also they will all vary in price from free (usually as exclusives appearing on here) to no more than $1 MAX. One of these plus some test drive or free basic rules will be all you need to build a GM's starter kit for a friend or even just to have as filler adventures for when the creative well runs dry.

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