Friday, February 12, 2016

The Achievement List

For those that haven't seen it some amazing DMs put together a pretty solid list of player achievements for your D&D campaign.  IF you haven't seen it feel free to check it out here.  Anyways with that in might I figured it would be fun to keep track of these achievements as the Ashen Grey game goes on.  Since it would be a bit of a pain to go and check every post about every session for what one was earned when I thought I would make this a master list that will be updated every session with achievements unlocked per session and who or what unlocked them.

Session 1:
With our group rarely being late this one was a given, but TECHNICALLY Chris with his Axl character wins this one as he tends to be online all day with me.

Another given as we aren't the type of group to be 100% in character all the time so this one goes to the group as a whole.

IF you haven't noticed some of these just happened for starting a game with us, but fair is fair.  While its hard to tell who shot the first insult this time around I'm going to give the one to Verms and his Joran character for the
                                                                                    shear volume of smack talk to comes out of him                                                                                           in all our games.

Finally the last "free" achievement of the game with the inevitable arguing with the GM. While my players never doubt the numbers it wouldn't be a game if Verms didn't try to argue a bonus well after the fact that he failed a roll.

From the start I could tell no one trusted Wiz Bang about there just being vermin downstairs and though they never got him to admit it they could definitely smell the bullshit in the air.

Honestly if a fight is in it's 10th round and everyone is still in combat then odds are something went wrong. We fight fast and efficient even when it's just swarms of rats.

Baneil with his Lofael character earned this one thanks to a couple smacks to the face from a mimic in round one of combat.

When you drop before your turn it's can be hard to deal any damage.  This one gets tacked onto to the last one for Baneil.

Ok sure one of them was unconscious the whole time, but attendance counts especially when you're stuck to the monster.

Peter's character Peak and Chris' Axl get this one together as they fumbled their way though patching up Lofael.

It's no surprise the rogue wasn't touched, but Verm's get's this one thanks to the effort of Chris keeping that mimic's attention.

Considering the first quest was to retrieve a map this seemed like a no brainer, but on the other hand players were involved so nothing was guaranteed.

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