Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ashen Grey Recap 1

If you missed the last session of Ashen Grey live don't worry because  you can watch the recordings here. If spending a couple hours listening to some idiots play D&D isn't your thing that's fine too because we will be doing a written recap right here.  And finally if you don't care about either and just want to play yourself you're in luck because I'm going to try and have every session as an adventure you can steal and run for your games.  Obviously as with most pre-written sometimes we will go off book, but you'll have the same starting material I had to get things going.

So with that obligatory intro out of the way here is "Into the Cellar".

In this first session we met our future heroes: the dragon blooded rogue from a land of pirates named Joran, The equally scaly and even more dragon looking sorcerer Axl, The elven archer Lofael, and the quirky warlock of light Peakoli "Peak".  The two scaly one sent by their fathers and the other two hired by chance were all sent to the rundown tavern of "The Goose & Moose" to meet with a gnomish wizard by the name of Wiz Bang.  After meetings and greetings as well as an explosive cocktail the heroes were told of a potential quest for richest, but first a test.

A seemingly simple test of retrieving a map from the cellar below came with a warning of a pest problem, but fear of much more was already brewing.  With no gold reward mentioned Peak quickly struck up a bargain with the one eyed tavern owner Pete for eradicated the pets while they were downstairs.  Before coin could be agreed however Axl chimed in agreeing to the offer of free drinks for their trouble.

Once downstairs the pet problem quickly became evident as several dozen rats swarmed the party followed by another few dozen and their mother a giant dog sized rodent.  After some fire, ice, lightning, blades, and even an explosion the rodent problem was dealt with, but the map still not found.  Upon turning a corner however a promising chest was spotted atop a filth and grease covered stack of shelves. Not looking to climb such slick filth Peak decided to blast out the bottom of the selves with a bit of radiant energy.  The plan was a success, but with some unforeseen consequences.  The shelves did fall along with the chest, but so did a stack of barrels rolling their way towards half of the group.  Lofael ended up face down on the ground while trying to leap away only to be saved by Peak. that would be if the barrels evened up rolling anywhere near them which they didn't.

While the fallen chest was won it was also revealed that the chest simply covered a whole in the wall behind it.  Sadly however as the elf Lofael examined the chest to be sure he found himself instead grabbed by a wily Mimic.  A few quick bashed to the head left the elf unconscious grasping for life as the rest of our heroes did their best not to panic.  Axle held the beast most at bay with a spell of shielding while Joran put blade after blade into its backside having to abandon each one as they became stuck to the beast.

Eventually the shape-changer fell, but the elf was still barely holding onto life.  The improvised medical care of Peak with the aid of Axl was able to keep him breathing but still unconscious.  Luckily a dissection of the mimic turned up a potion of healing as Joran found the map in a scroll case in the hole in the wall.  After verification of the potion with Wiz Bang upstairs the elf was healed and the group of adventurers were told of the location of their true quest, The Pit, a crater in the center of town filled with twisted plants and beast.  It was also revealed that this such quest was set forth by the draconic parents of half the party.  Now together these heroes are left deciding their next steps.

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