Thursday, February 25, 2016

Session 5 Recap

Before we start, GM's Table is getting a new show where we answer your questions.  You can find out more HERE or just email us your questions directly HERE. Now on with the adventure.

With the gnomish blueprints in hand our heroes made there way back to Haven to meet up with Wiz Bang.  Along the way a wandering Basilisk caught their scent, but was some what easily driven off.

Back at the Goose & Moose blueprints were shown to Wiz Bang, but only the ones for a repeating crossbow as everyone is becoming wary of what exactly the gnome was hoping they would find.  Disappointed, Wiz  simply let them know that they did not find what he was hoping for, but also revealed that he also wasn't looking for an air ship either which many of the characters where assuming was his intention.  IT was also revealed that the cross bow blue prints could catch a more than fair place in the nearby neighborhood of Lock Up, but might also be able to be sold as art pieces near Grey Castle and it was up to the party to decide what to do with them.

After some debate it was mostly decided that the prints would be sold as art, but they would also go through Lock Up as it was part of what they felt was a safer route to Grey Castle and the Royal Court, but first they would have to trek across the neighborhood of West End.

When arriving in West End it became abundantly clear that some political issues were afoot as the party witnessed some kind of  rally, but did their best to stay clear.  That was until a fight broke out and our heroes decided to intervene. When the dust settled they were made aware of a dead mayor as well as a somewhat shady candidate by the name of Trueman who sent thugs to break up the rally.  This was all told by another candidate with seemingly noble values, but a violent undertone, by the name of Rumsfell.

Upon escorting one of the thugs back to Truman they found an elegant manor complete with butler and maids as well as the half elf Trueman.  Peak decided the arrogant politician needed a swift kick to the groin which was returned by a surprisingly lethal rebuttal from the butler. Letting everyone know there is more to meets the eye to the Truman house.  Upon leaving they heard of a local town meeting being held by the town counsel which included none other than Rumsfell.

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