Thursday, February 25, 2016

New Content Coming to GMs Table & WE NEED YOUR HELP

The Ashen Grey campaign has been streaming for almost two weeks now and according to our numbers between the live show, recorded show, and recaps there are around 200 of you paying attention and that is awesome.  Honestly all of us at GM's Table were surprised if we would get more than 10. We hope you are all enjoying the games and the people, 99% are completely silent about it.

Because so many people seem to be interested (and yes to us 200 is a LOT of people) we're looking at doing a show on Mondays called Across the Table.  It's not going to be another campaign, but instead more of a talk show where we will answer questions and talk about our gaming experience.  While we're currently playing D&D that isn't our only game so don't expect this to be an all D&D show either.  Common systems we talk about include older D&D, Savage Worlds, Star Wars RPGs, Fate, and even GURPS.

The catch is we NEED questions if we're going to answer anything and that's where all of you come in.  Feel free to post in comments or even just send us an EMAIL.  Feel free to ask anything you want about gaming, different systems, us, or even our older campaigns since we seem to reference them constantly.  IF we get nothing I might just have to resort to fake questions and lets be honest no one wants that.

A Small Warning: As a stay at home dad and some of our other work schedules I can't promise everyone will be on EVERY Monday, but if we get even close to the same attention Ashen Grey is getting we will try and have something most weeks.

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