Friday, August 14, 2015

Gaming Masters Class: Lesson 4 "Genies"

In my mind genies are almost gods, but not quite.  On one hand I feel like how D&D likes to handle them (Just give them the "Wish" spell) doesn't really reflect the power of a genie, but letting them do just anything takes things too far in the other direction.  I've also always been a fan of having to figure out HOW to make a wish.  Sure anyone can wish for something, but knowing the wording to get exactly what you want isn't always that simple.  I'm also not a fan of in a game when a player just wishes for this mechanic or that, your character doesn't know attribute scores are little numbers over their head and probably has no idea what boons or favors gods can give other than, "The same as this person of legend."

With all that in mind recently I decided to write my own wish spell called "Greater Wish" in D&D terms this is a level 10 spell that isn't on any class spell list and in Savage Worlds this is a "Demigod" level power that can't be learned only granted.  It's mostly just a beefed up version of the D&D Wish spell, but it also has a catch.

Greater Wish
This power can be used to recreate any spell of 9th level or lower (Legendary or lower for SW). Additionally it can also be used to perform any of the following abilities.

-You create one object of up to 1 Million gp in value that isn't a magic item. The objeel ean be no more than 1,000 feet in any dimension, and it appears in an unoccupied
space you can see,
-You allow up to 100 creatures that you can see to regain all hit points, and you end all effects on them.
-You grant up to ten creatures that you can see resistance to a damage type you choose.
-You grant up to ten creatures you can see immunity to a single spell or other magical effect for 8 days.
-You undo a single recent event by forcing an single day to start over with you and up to ten others aware of the events that have already occurred.
-You may be granted any boon or gift that a god may grant.
-You may summon any single magical item that isn't one of a kind such as a legendary item or artifact.
-You can have any spell of 5th level (Veteran power)or lower permanently cast on you as supernatural ability. It is up to the genie if you can turn this ability on or off.
-You can be changed into any other creature permanently gaining their all or some of their statistics as decided by the Genie.

While these power are great when this spell is cast you must word your request as a wish without mention of meta mechanics and must be worded in a way relating to your character's nowledge and experience.

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  1. Proposed Addendum: Genies are impatient folk and will not permit long discussions on how to word a wish. Any discussion with the genie present that includes the word "wish" can be taken as the wish itself. Best to have such discussions while the Genie (and GM) are not around. (Meaning, don't take up my game time, just wish already and live with the consequences).