Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Crazy Eddie Returns WITH ENCHANTMENTS!

So earlier today I posted about simple magic items to make every day life easier and fill a high magic setting without throwing balance and real magic items out the window.  Now I'm going to step this up a notch with rules for masterwork items and enchanting those items to make magical gear and tools.  Again this is for an already high magic setting, but feel free to throw in a special NPC or two that can do this for favors as well.

Masterwork & Enchantments
On top the standard items available to characters in shops and through venders in the advanced world of Ashen Grey they may also be able to find Masterwork and even Minor Enchanted Items.

Masterwork: Any item can be made as a masterwork version of itself. Doing so costs 100GP more than the standard item of its type.  In return if the item is later used as an ingredient in making a magical item (such as a Masterwork Armor looking to be made into Demon Armor) it counts as 10% of the items necessary gold cost and reduced the time made to create such a magic item by 10%.
Masterwork Weapons: While any item can be made masterwork, Melee weapons gain an additional bonus of dealing +1 damage while ranged weapons grant +1 to hit., if such an item is later enchanted to grant a +1 or higher this bonus is lost and replaced with the magical bonus.  Because of the extra detail and added “wear and tear” weapons require to maintain such a bonus these items add 200GP to the cost of an item instead of the normal 100GP.

Enchantments: Most magic items are still rare and expensive even in Ashen Grey, but some small magical effects have been perfected.  Adding any of these effects to an item usually costs 100GP during the items creation in addition the item needing to be of masterwork quality. Those with a “*” in the name cost 200GP to enchant.  Though these techniques have been mastered the skills of the kingdom are still limited to one such enchantment per item.

Beacon: The bearer can use a bonus action to cause the item to shed bright light in a 10-foot radius and dim light for an additional10 feet, or to extinguish the light.

Compass: The wielder can use an action to learn which way is north.

Delver: While underground , the bearer of this item always knows the item's depth below the surface and the direction to the nearest staircase, ramp, or other path leading upward.

Pilot: While airborne , the bearer of this item always knows the item's altitude above the surface and the direction to the nearest town ro civilization.

Gleaming: This item never gets dirty.

*Guardian: The item whispers warnings to its bearer, granting a +2 bonus to initiative (In SW your card drawn counts as being one value higher)if the bearer isn't incapacitated. (This bonus can only be gained from a single item in the bearer’s possession.)

*Sentinel: Choose a kind of creature during the item’s creation. This item glows faintly when such creatures are within 120 feet of it.

Song Craft: Whenever this item is struck or is used to strike a foe , its bearer hears a fragment of a song decided during the creation of the item.

Temperate: The bearer suffers no harm in temperatures as cold as -20 degrees Fahrenheit or as warm as 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unbreakable: The item can't be broken except by special means decided during its creation.

Leader: The bearer can use an action to cause his or her voice to carry clearly for up to 300 feet until the end of the bearer's next turn.

*Waterborne: This item floats on water and other liquids. Its bearer has advantage on Strength (Athletics) checks to swim.

Blissful: While in possession of the item, the bearer feels fortunate and optimistic about what the future holds. Butterflies and other harmless creatures might frolic in the item 's presence.

Confident: The item helps its bearer feel self-assured.

Loud: The item makes a loud noise-such as a clang, a shout, or a resonating gong-when used.

Ok, I saved this last enchantment for last because it has a few special rules. One it is only usable on weapons, armor or tools and two it has special prices.  This basically covers you standard +1 items and even makes then a fare bit cheaper.  The catch is this is as good as normal enchanting gets so even in the high magic of Ashen Grey a +1 item that does ANYTHING else is special and +2 or +3 items are incredibly valuable and rare.

Empowered: (Can only be used on Weapons, Armor, or Tools) This enchantment aids its bearer in any task the item is designed for. For weapons this translates to +1 to attack rolls and damage, for armor this becomes +1 AC and with tools this is a +1 bonus to checks require those tools.  These items do have a special price associated with them as this is the pinnacle of modern enchantment methods.
Prices: Tools 300GP, Weapons 500GP. Armor 1,0000GP

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