Monday, May 4, 2015

Rules Update for Savage Worlds

So this actually dropped Saturday, but as I don't write on the weekends I'm a bit late.

For any of you that play Savage Worlds, apparently in the newest printing of the core rules coming up they are tweaking one of the biggest core rules of the game.

"It's a simple change that speeds up play, frees up Bennies for players, and makes the GM's job even easier. In all ways, it fits Fast! Furious! Fun! 

At the beginning of their action, a Shaken character makes a Spirit roll to recover. On a failure, he remains Shaken. On a success, the character removes their Shaken condition and may take their action normally. 

That's right, folks, a success removes Shaken and allows the character to act immediately. Raises are no longer required. "

The official post can be found here.  I'm not sure everyone checks the forums and it can be missed in the shuffle (once the rage/defense comments die down at least).  Personally I'm in favor of it as it keeps players from getting stun locked and unable to do anything for a large chunk of a fight.  Yes it makes Shaken less powerful, but even the writers for the game say how their intent wan't for Shaken to be all about denying actions, but actually opening them up to be more easily hurt and this helps balance things out.

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  1. So it's basically getting 'Driven' from the Horror Companion for free...