Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Setting Comes Alive

Last week I posted an article about giving my players a survey to help flesh out our newest Savage Worlds campaign world and then posted the results.  After some discussion and finishing our first adventure I decided to push it up a bit and craft what has till now been a series of loose threads connecting multiple campaigns into a single setting.  Each week as aspects are ironed out I'll share them here with you guys.  I'd love to hear what any of you might think and sometimes even ask for input.

There's a ton we already have that I can't wait to share, but before any of that we need a name.  Here's the broad strokes so far:
1. This is a modern fantasy/horror game.
2. Fabled creatures such as fae, vampires, werewolves, & daemons exist however for the most part their existence is kept secret.
3. Magic is real, but for humans wielding such powers is terribly dangerous.
4. There are realms beyond this one, whether the many lands of fey, the demonic hell lands, or the fantastical realm of the orcs.
5. Despite these darker tones the world is somewhat light-hearted as well with troll bouncers, goblin loan sharks, and ghosts of dead wizards looking to get a fix of magic.

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