Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Bonus: Campaign Survey

Lately several members of my regular gaming group have had personal issues causing them to not be around as often.  Rather than carry on our games without them or letting the games fall to the either I've decided to shelve our current games and start up a Savage Worlds game.  The problem that arises then is Savage Worlds is setting neutral and thus can be anything.  I could just pull one of the many pre-made settings for the system out and see what everyone thinks, but I'm itching to make something myself.  That then leaves me to either whip up a pretty generic setting that everyone will like, but probably not love or take the time to make something memorable and deep that my players will either love, hate, or be decided on.

Then again I could just ask everyone what they want and work from their.  The question then becomes, "what should I ask?" If I just ask what they want to play I'l probably get a completely different answer from every one or just a resounding response of, "I don't care whatever".  They do care, just not about the specifics.  To hopefully fix that I've whipped up a small survey with five questions that should cover all the primary bases.  Once everything has been voted on and scores tallied I'll come back and share what we whipped up, but till then I figured I'd share my survey with all of you just in case you're itching to make a new campaign, but can't quite decide what to do.

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