Sunday, November 30, 2014

An Introduction of Sorts

Well procrastination has finally lost in the epic battle that is my life and I have finally decided to write.  For several years now I've wanted to jot down my ideas and record my exploration into the world of gaming and from that this small blog has finally been born. In all honesty I doubt it will be read by many if any, but to anyone who finds me I will apologize in advance to any ranting and rambling that may occur and more importantly thank you for taking the time to read.

I guess the best place to start is with what I have in mind for this little page.  You see I have decided to make a resolution this upcoming new years to write a full article at least once a week.  Being a stay at home dad and avid gamer, while greatly improving my ability to run a game off the cuff and bullshit my through more situations, has greatly reduced the amount of actual writing I've completed in the last couple years and that just won't do.  I can not promise that everything will be gold as it has been more than a while since I've put a coherent full fledged idea to page, but I will promise to myself and anyone who my be reading this that I will always strive to put my best work out here, provide full articles not journal entries, and do my best to be informative and entertaining.  I have a few reoccurring article ideas already bubbling in my head, however I'll throw those out here as they flesh out giving each their own time to hopefully shine.

Thank you again to anyone who my be reading and let's all hope this doesn't turn out to be shit.

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