Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New ETU Rituals

So I've been running an ETU campaign for my home group and tonight I planned on running a Savage Tael from Creature Feature Bruja. Because of this I needed to roll up how many rituals an Urban Bruja had and came up with TEN written rituals. That's a ton so I decided to make it a themed book. My plan is for the book to be found in shreds with pages missing just to spread out all this magic if they get their hands on it, but I still wanted to have all the rituals ready to go. I'll also note that none of the rituals in the book are ones the bruja has memorized as she would tear out and eat a ritual once she no longer needed it written as to keep them safe.


1 Ikma’s Shackles of Servitude (Bind Imp): Modifier (-5), Duration (10 Days) Target (1 IMP in Smarts)
The caster makes an opposed roll of Ritualism vs the Imp’s Spirit. On a success the imp must obey any commands given by the caster for the duration of the spell both to the letter and spirit of the command. (The caster requires a shared language or telepathy to give commands that can be understood.)
Ingredients: 12oz of cemetery dirt, 1 kitten’s tooth, 20min prep.
2 Ikma’s Ransom (Curse): Modifier (-10), Duration (For Life) Target (1 human within Smarts Miles)
The target gains the Cursed hindrance until the day they die. The only way to remove the curse is to either have Dispell cast on them or to sell the soul of their first born girl to Ikma who will convert her into a Bruja.
Ingredients: 12oz of vomit, burned incense, 1 gallon of human blood, 40 min prep
3 Ikma’s Misfortune (Curse): Modifier (-2), Duration (2 Weeks) Target (1 Creature within Smarts)
The target gains the Cursed hindrance until either they have Dispell cast on them, wait 2 weeks, or create a shrine to Ikma and sacrifice 1 pint of blood (this causes 1 fatigue that will not heal until the 2 weeks are over)
Ingredients: Burned Incense, Half Teaspoon Snake Venom, 1 Cup Virgin’s Blood (at least 18), 40min prep 
4 Ikma’s ProtectioCn (Talismof Warding Ghosts): Modifier(-4), Duration (10min), Target (Self)
This necklace allows the wearer to try and ward off spirits. The wearer makes a Spirit roll at -1, iff successful they create a ward in a LBT around themselves that lasts 10 minutes. Spirits must make a Spirit roll at -2 or -4 if a raise or be forced to the edge of the ward.
Ingredients: 1 Rattle Snake Rattle, 1 Clove of Garlic, 100 year old hair, Human Bones Ground to Powder, 1 Gallon Human Blood, 1 necklace made of pure silver, 80min prep
5 Ikma’s Tongue (Speak Language DEMONIC) Modifier (0), Duration (10min), Target (Self)
You gain the ability to understand and communicate with demons that do not know earthly languages.
Ingredients: 12oz cemetery dirt, 1 pebble from a running creek, 10min prep
6 Ikma’s Servant (Summon Ally BODYGUARD) Modifier (-5), Duration (3 Days), Target (None)
So summon an earthen golem to protect you. After the spell ends the golem dissolves back to earth.
Ingredients: 4oz Whiskey, Dust from a Decomposed Undead Creature, 1 Scorpion Tail, 30min prep
7 Ikma’s Vitality (Heal)Modifier (-1), Duration (Instant), Target (Toutch)
Caster makes a roll at a penalty equal to wounds. This can only be done within one hour of the wounds suffered.
Ingredients: 1 Scorpion Tail, Sacrifice of 1 Rat, 1 Lizard Eye
8 Ikma’s Stamina (Succor) Modifier (0), Duration (Instant), Target (Toutch)
Caster can remove fatigue, shaken, or regain consciousness to a target.
Ingredients: 8oz Whiskey, 10min prep
9 Ikma’s Truth (Mind Reading) Modifier (-1), Duration (1), Target (1 within Smarts)
The caster gains one truth from the target. The target is aware of this mental probing unless the caster gains a raise.
Ingredients: 1 Scorpion Tail, 1 Object from the Target’s Childhood.
10 Ikma’s Might (Talisman Bolt) Modifier (-3), Duration (Instant), Target (Range 12/24/48)
This magical Ring allows its wearer to throw balls of purple arcane energy. Summoning a ball is an action requiring a successful Spirit roll, if the wearer gains a raise on this roll it becomes a free action. Once summoned the ball must be thrown using the Throwing skill. Alternatively the wearer can simply smash the ball on an adjacent target using a touch attack (Fighting +2), however if done in this way both the target and wearer take damage. The arcane orbs deal 2d6 magical damage with +1d6 on a raise.
Ingredients: 1 Kitten Tooth, 1 Human Tooth, 1 Wedding Ring from a Murdered Bride, Fresh Unpasteurized Cow Milk, 60min prep

I'd love to know what you guys think or if you guys are planning on using any of these rituals.

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