Monday, April 4, 2016

Urban Fantasy Update

Art is in an ready, just needing to finish the enemy stat blocks as well as a couple rules for drug use meaning the book with any luck will be done by end of the day today. Here's a look at everything you will find inside by chapter:

Chapter 1: Getting Started

  • Gritty Urban Fantasy Rules: A collection of setting rules to make whatever kind of modern fantasy game you want including modern medicine, firearms, all human games, gritty healing, careers, and using computers.
Chapter 2: Character Options

  • 18 New Background Options including rules on having and changing careers.
  • 13 New Feats
  • New Racial Options for your all human games.
Chapter 3: Equipment & Technology
  •        Computers & Hacking: In depth rules for hackers in the modern world
  •          Drugs & Addiction: Using and abusing drugs along with their cost, benefits, & drawbacks
  •          Explosives & Crafting:  Buying, making, & using explosives both military and improvised.
  •          Guns & Modern Melee: Everything from pistols and shotguns to pepper spray and tazers
  •          Vehicles: Stats for basic vehicles as well as rules for high speed chases and stunts.
 Chapter 4: DM's Section
  • Running games in a modern setting
  • Working around cellphones and other shortcuts
  • Keeping magic secret
  • Making a fantasy underworld
  • Intrepid Investigators: A pre-made modern fantasy setting
  • Urban NPS: Including beat cops, mobster thugs, private eyes, club owners and more.
  • Urban Monsters: Including city gremlins, sewer lurkers, rabid where rats and more.

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