Friday, April 29, 2016

Coming Soon: The God Test

So since WotC's latest setting of Zendikar came out I've been interested in a game that uses the themes of the different mana types from MtG and also uses the races from that setting. What those thoughts have eventually evolved into is a Monty Hall style Gestalt Megadungeon setting called The God Test. Those of you who aren't familiar with what a Gestalt game is I wrote an article about running them in 5e a while back that you can find HERE.

The basics of the campaign is that each hero has been taken from a different plane of existence that represents either one or two types of mana and have been chosen by the gods to potentially become a new god, that is if they can survive all of the trials before them. This is an incredibly high powered game (see Gestalt) that is all about old fashioned dungeon delving. I currently have all my notes on character generation rules (including the long delayed rules for playing a gestalt character without changing classes) and I'm working on the first level now. A free rules packet will be coming shortly and as they are finished and play tested each level will become available on as a 'pay what you want' product.  If this is something you guys would want to see played live let us know and if there's enough interest we could work out The God Test as one of our live games.

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