Monday, February 29, 2016

Session 6 Recap

Before we kick off into the meat of what happened during session 6 I want to bring up the fact that there wasn't any "GM Material" for session 5.  The thing is that session and this one were not exactly combat heavy, in fact the only threatening combat was a random encounter which didn't involve any house-ruled work. Everything else going on has to do with politics and NPC backgrounds and while I do have an article covering both the organized crime rings in Ashen Grey as well as NPC Spotlights for the major players floating around our story both of those being revealed at this time would cause some big spoilers not just for anyone following along, but also for my players.  With that out of the way let's look at what happened in session 6.

Starting off our heroes walk in on a town meeting where as they would have guessed Rumsfell is doing his damnedest to rile up towns people against Trueman, but another important player in these games is also revealed by the name of Helga who seems to be able to keep Rumsfell in line.  While sitting through the meeting it becomes apparent that this mystery old woman is both competent and rational, something both of the current candidates are lacking in one department or another. There is a third member of the city council as well, but given his lack of enthusiasm or involvement all our heroes know is the young man's name happens to be Quincy.

After the meeting wrapped up Peak decided to have a talk with the old woman Helga and try and proposition her into running for mayor.  This is when our group first hears of "the family" who would never allow a woman to run the town causing some new suspicions about what is really going on around here. Never the less, Peak offers to at the very least find a way for both Truman and Rumsfell to step out of the lime light and allow someone more rational to lead.

The heroes were certain the key to removing Trueman hid in accounting papers within his home as they figured no one would have the coin to throw around that he does by being an honest man so a breka in was planned.  Lofael would head out in the middle of the night alow with the aid of an invisibility spell provided by Peak while others stayed back in case distractions were needed.  The plan worked fairly well minus a close call of alerting the butler who was awake polishing a collection of daggers.  Within Trueman's room three ledgers were found, one of which was coded in Thieve's Cant.

Taking them back to their rooms at the inn the party worked together to uncover some misplaces funds that seem to be going to a local thieve's guild that Axl presumed to be the Assassin's Guild his father founded many years ago. With this new information the heroes decided to bring the books and their decoded findings to Helga as proof of Trueman's misdeeds/What wasnt expected was Helga being able to read the Thieve's Cant on her own revealing that thieve's guilds may be more common that anyone though in this neighborhood.  What was uncovered though is that Trueman was siphoning funds to a competing guild instead of the one that had laid claim to the town and thus putting him in a lot of hot water, but before Trueman could be confronted there was events transpiring on their own outside.

As it turned out Trueman discovered hsi missing ledgers, but instead assumed Rumsfell to be the thief calling him out in public.  As their fight was being interrupted by our heroes a key fact was let slip that let Axl know that Rumsfell may in fact be a member of the assassin's guild.  Words were had and the two candidates were exposed, but before anything else could transpire in public it was suggested to bring the conversation inside.  Once inside Helga reprimanded the two while Peak urged her to take controle of the town.  She again mentioned that the family would not allow it, but if the heroes wished to argue in her behalf for them they could make the trip to Shoreline to do so.  After agreeing she also offered them the chance to transport the now prisoners Trueman and Rumsfell along with them as they needed to be presented to the family for their indiscretions.  To do this though Helga offered them the use of the guild's smuggling tunnels that would allow them to bypass Lock Up as take them directly to a guild safe location in Shoreline.  That is if they survive the trip.

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