Monday, February 22, 2016

Session 4 Recap

With the Troglodytes taken care of our heroes faced a pit of collapsed buildings with a pair of great brass doors at its bottom covered in sacrificial corpses.  After some clever planning involving their new self cleaning dwarven shield the corpses were cleared and the door opened to reveal a gravity shifting vault of gnomish engineering guarded by a pair of clockwork automatons.

Remembering the tales of past adventurers his father told him Joran remembered the name of the original head engineer of the facility "Gygax" and used that to gain entry without a fuss.  Beyond a massive work shop in disarray and a telepathic voice echoing in everyone's skull.  Speaking a language alien to everyone, but able to pass and receive thoughts, a being lurked among to tables, tube, and chests strewn about questioning the party until finally revealing itself to be a horrid floating abomination known as a Spectator.

Having served as guard  to the lab hundreds of years ago, but now quite free and even more mad, this beast has decided to call that lab his own.  Axl suggested a compromise to freeing the beast in exchange for their safe passage, but the creature had no interest in leaving its lair and all of the bobbles that laid within in.  Conversation crawled on and the atmosphere became tense when Peak broke into song and music to distract the Spectator of its growing boredom with the party. At the same time Lofael slipped away to begin rummaging while the creature was distracted.  After a song or two Axl joined in with Peak adding a lute to the then flute solo while Joran made his was to a gnomish console on the back wall they had seen the creature use to manipulate a nearby turret.

Just as the Spectator what beginning to tire of the tunes Lofael popped a lock to presumed valuables and Joran successfully rigged the turret to blow.  In an instant there were explosions, surprise attacks, and a fireball.  Within moments the spectator fell and the a was being properly ransacked.  After some rummaging a pile of ancient blueprints as well as a gnomish energy shield/watch was found and our heroes began their trek back to town.

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