Tuesday, January 12, 2016

5E OGL: Open the Floodgates

The thing most D&D 5E gamers have been waiting for is here.  Wizards of the Coast has finally released their SRD discussing the long awaiting Open Game License here. This is huge news as anyone remembering 3 and 3.5 will know the onslaught of 3rd party products this allowed to ad to your games.  Sure it also allowed for a ton of junk as the reigns were completely let go last time around lets just about anyone publish using it.  this time however it seems that while they are still opening the doors as wide as possible the people at WotC are also protecting their brand while skimming their share off the top with the Dungeon Masters Guild.  I would be a bit more shaky about WotC controlling something like this, but they were smart enough to put that end of things under the same control as Drive-through RPG which as I know for most of us is already a go to for online PDFs.

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