Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Scene 3: Arriving at The Wheel

After avoiding the Nebula Net and Imperial forces last session our crew finally arrives at The Wheel to unload their cargo.  The Wheel is a space station and major trading hub where your players can find just about anything if they look hard enough.
While the station cooperates with the Empire they have their own security force and are notorious for having some less than reputable customs officials.  Their first challenge will most likely be finding a way to get the art pieces off the ship without being reported for having Per-Imperial "Propaganda".  A Hard Negotiations check can be made with their customs official to "make an arrangement" and if they crew is willing to part with a few credits (100 or more) up front this check can be downgraded.

After getting the cargo off the ship is covered the only part left of the job is arranging the drop off.  The crew was hired to sell the items to an Ithorian fence named Bosan for 4,000 credits.  IF the crew calls Bosan there is no answer at any of his many numbers.  If any of the players go to find him in person he runs business out of a small knick-knack shop in the business section of the Wheel.  The crew can already have his address as part of the contract.  Just before arriving at Bosan's shop anyone there can make a Hard Vigilance check to realize something isn't right.  Perception checks can also tip of players.  The shop's door is cracked open, no lights are on, several blinds in the shop's windows appear to be bent and broken.  Additionally, a corner shop owner across the street from the shop is currently calling security about hearing a fight while at Long range down the street two Wheel Security are picking up the call.

If the players can get in before security the shop is dark except for a small faint flickering light (1Setback to all perception checks).  On the floor is Bosan dead and dismembered (A Hard Lore check can reveal that he appears to to have been attacked with a lightsaber, those proficient with lightsabers and have used one before can also notice this without the check).  The shop is in ruin as it appears someone ransacked it.  The flickering light is a broken data pad (Average Mechanic's check and one hour of work to repair.  If the repairs fail, but the character generates Advantage the data or at least part of it may be recovered.

The recovered datapad appears to be Bosans itinerary and personal emails, however many of them were deleted.  An average computer check (plus 1Setback if the data was recovered but the pad is still broken) will uncover that while most of the information regarding the art pieces was uploaded then destroyed however a single message slipped by revealing that the shipment was to be sold to a University on Eriadu for 12,000 credits.

If the crew does not recover the datapad then they will need to find a new buyer for their shipment. The party can use streetwise to find out that a museum curator from Eriadu visited the wheel a month ago and would be the best buyer for their merchandise.  If the party uses streetwise and generates 3Threat local customs officials are tipped off about the cargo. If the party generates a Despair not only are customs tipped off the crew is connected to the earlier scene and become wanted by the empire generating 5 Group Obligation (Bounty by the Empire).

If Things Go Sideways

XP Rewards
2xp: The players get the cargo onto the wheel without incident.
5xp: The players avoid suspicion for Bosan's murder.
5xp: Retrieving the information from the datapad.
3xp: The players learn of the Eriadu buyer without the datapad.

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