Friday, October 2, 2015

A Change of Pace

I know for the last week the blog has been dead and for that I'm sorry.  The thing is I'm honestly having a bit of writers block when it comes to advice column (feel free to email me your questions of even gaming stories) and my group has about finished up with both D&D and Savage Worlds.  We aren't abandoning them, just after running a campaign from 1-16/17th level in D&D its time to take a bit of a break from the system until our next big game starting in January (and yes that means the polls on that game will still be coming.) As far as Savage World I'm personally still running a game, but it isn't my core group and its a setting I both love, but also doesn't really force me to come up with anything new right now (ETU).  If new game or NPC ideas pop up from time to time I'll still post them here, just running a little bit on empty for inspiration lately and can't promise daily content on those systems for a bit.

On the plus side to cleans our pallets my group and I picked up the Star Wars Roleplaying Game by Fantasy Flight Games (I reviewed it a couple of weeks ago).  We just finish a test game running the pre-written campaign Beyond the Rim and have decided to continue that game for a while.  This means I'll be posting Star Wars content, but more importantly I'm going to be posting our adventures so anyone interested can run them too.  That's to an amazing Star Wars Character Generator I have the GM's tools to not only make custom enemies and stat blocks, but I have the formatting tools to post entire encounters or scenes as full color PDFs with everything you need (short of PCs and knowledge of the rules) to run them yourself.  I'm going to try and do conversions of NPCs, ships, and target numbers for Savage Worlds, but I can't promise those will come out as quickly.  I'm also toying with a D&D 5th edition / Star Wars hybrid system for those D20 purists and once that is finished every adventure will be able to to be easily converted to that as well.

On top of all of this I will also still be doing my monthly game reviews. I know I didn't post on the first Thurday of the month, but that's because it was the 1st and part of my method is I don't start reading the game until that month.  I know some of my readers will probably fall off with this change, but I need something to keep my work fresh and don't worry I have plan on going back to D&D and Savage Hacks by the beginning of the year at the latest.  I might just be mixed with Star Wars too.  Finally I want to thank everyone who reads this. I know I'm not one of the "Big Boys" out there, but last month we crested of 40 Thousand views on the page and my mind is blow at al lthe support I've gotten from all of you.

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