Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Races of Ashen Grey: The Man'A Tau

Tribal warriors and master sailor the Man'A Tau are one of the newest races to the city of Ashen Grey.  About twenty miles south of the city lies a chain of islands known as the Way Leaf Isles.  For years many feared to explore their lush jungles and even fewer returned alive.  However with the push for expansion away from the city walls the trade company of Leaf & Table formed a proper expedition to the islands and built the first outpost simple named Way Leaf.

Not long after the founding of Way Leaf did the first Man'A Tau arrive.  Living deeper along the island chain they were curious of the massive ships coming and going from the north-most island.  See value in local knowledge the traders quickly worked to bridge language barriers and for work on diplomacy.  While many feared them to be a savage blood thirsty race due to their size and bestial appearance in truth the Man'A Tau revealed themselves to be mostly peaceful and extremely loyal to those they claim as friends.  As Way Leaf isn't officially a warren of Ashen Grey the Man'A Tau are not considered to live within the city in any noticeable amount, but are plentiful within the islands themselves.

D&D: As of now the Man'A Tau use the racial stats of the Minotaur from Unearth Arcana.

Savage Worlds:
• Master Saylors (+2): Man'A Tau add +2 to all boating checks.
• Claustrophobic (–2):
Man'A Tau hate confined spaces and actually have the hindrance Phobia (Major) Small Spaces.
• Low Tech Hindrance (Major, –2): Man'A Tau often come from
less developed worlds. Many are fascinated by technology, but aren’t
as adept with it as most others, and their digits aren’t well-suited
to gnomish clockwork inventions (which they break with alarming frequency).
• Size (+2): The beings are typically about 7’ tall, very broad, and very dense. Add +2 to Toughness.
• Strong (+2): Man'A Tau are large and ferociously strong. They start with a d6 in Strength.

Common Knowledge: Man'A Tau can make common knowledge checks on anything to do with sailing or navigating bodies of water.

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