Friday, September 18, 2015

Adventure Friday "Package Delivery"

If you haven't been able to tell already I love adventure table, but on their own they are little more than a list of points waiting to be connected into an actual story.  The other day I posted a Star Wars adventure generator, but I'll let you in on a little secret.  I actually have an all purpose generator that I can tweak and flavor for any setting I want.  With my dice at the ready and several tables by my side I figured I'd roll up a random adventure for you guys then flavor it for multiple setting at once (Space Fantasy aka Star Wars, Urban Fantasy, & Standard Fantasy).
Now remember this is just the hook and over arching story, not individual scenes or encounters.  Personally I don't want those too set in stone anyways as players will inevitably do something unexpected.

The Pieces
Quest Giver: Outsiders (Rebel Alliance, Local Gang, Mercenary Group)
Task: Escort Mission
Location: Mountains or caves (Asteroid, Sewers, Mountain)
Macguffin: Dangerous Species (Rare Space Beast, Endangered Animal, Magical Creature)
Antagonist: Religious (Cult, Cult, Cult)
Twist: Betrayal
Drama: Innocent Lives

Star Wars
An officer from the Rebel Alliance needs your help recovering a squadron of x-wing fighters that have gone missing within an asteroid field.  In truth the officer is actually not part of the Rebel Alliance but part of a group of cultist that send travelers to the feeding ground of a exogorth (those giant worms that live in asteroids).  On top of all that another ship full of colonists are stranded within the field.  They have survived against the exogorth for now but supplies and life support is running out.

Urban Fantasy
A man is willing to pay big bucks for your help recovering his lost pet alligator that apparently got loose and swam down a sewer drain.  He's worried that it might get hungry and hurt someone or worse get hurt. He can't go to animal control because he knows they would just kill his beloved pet.  In truth the man in a gang leader that was looking to buy the animal from a back ally dealer, however rather than paying his plan was to just kill the dealer. During the transaction the gator got loose and now the gang leader is in more need of it than ever as he plans to use it to dispose of the body of the gator dealer. (There isn't a direct threat to innocents here, but letting an obviously violent gang get a hold of an alligator will not end well for many people.)

A fellow adventurer offers you a hansom amount of gold of you to take a package (he claims it is a birthday present) of his to his brother in the mountains.  It is a dangerous journey so he has decided to hire adventurers to make the trek for him as he has the coin to afford it and he has pressing matters to get to that send him in another direction.  In reality the adventurer was hired by a group of cultists to capture and deliver a live Imp.  He doesn't trust the cultists, however since he's already been paid half his fee up front and never leaves a job unfinished he figures it would be easier and safer to talk someone else into make the final drop off.  The cult had always planned on killing the adventurer (now the heroes) and plan to use the Imp to aid them in a sacrificial ritual involving several captured villagers.

So there you go, three different plot lines off the same table outcomes.

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