Thursday, August 20, 2015

Races of Ashen Grey The Orcish

The shunned of the city.

It is said that half orcs or "Orcish Humans" are the result of explorers encountering a race now long defeated. It's unknown why, but no matter the generations the traits of a half orc never diminish. Now they are seen as the unclean of the city by the upper crust, however their physical prowess is still noted for their usefulness.  It is not uncommon for the more unseemly elements within the city to use half orcs as muscle and body guards, but the most common honest work for these people is in manual labor.  There are rumors of the full Orcs still surviving somewhere outside the city limits.  Many of the more downtrodden of this race hold onto this legend in hopes that one day their true parents will return to show them their true path.

D&D: Per the usual this race can be found in the 5th Edition Player's Handbook under Half Orc.

Savage Worlds:
• Infravision: Half-orcs can see in the
infrared spectrum, halving attack penalties
(round down) for bad lighting.
• Outsider: Half-orcs aren’t trusted by most
other civilized races, and so subtract 2 from
their Charisma.
• Strong: Half-orcs have some of the strength
of their ancestry. They start with a d6
Strength attribute instead of a d4.
• Orish Resilience: Half-orcs gain +2 on all Soak rolls.

Common Knowledge: Being the unseen servants of the city
Half-ocrs can make common knowledge rolls at -2 regarding
any rumor within the city.

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