Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Races of Ashen Grey: Gnomes

A race of two worlds.
 The Rock gnomes are the leaders in science and technology while the forest gnomes adapted to being the herbalists and alchemists of the city.  Unlike the elves, the gnomes have no hate to each other despite their different views on science or technology.  In the end they are both servants to their own curiosity.

Rock Gnomes:
It was the inclusion of the rock gnomes to Ashen Grey that truly made it what it is today.  The king, seeing their potential, has given many rock gnomes free rein in their experimentation.  This has led to miraculous breakthroughs, but also hundreds of small disasters.  It isn't uncommon  for the city guard to be busy hunting down or cleaning up some rock gnomes latest experiment.

Forest Gnomes:

When the wood elves finally decided to give way and join the city so did their allies the forest gnomes.  Rather than sunning themselves to the countryside however these gnomes decided to root themselves in the city's community as herbalists and alchemists.  This choice led to some feelings of betrayal from the wood elves, but the forest gnomes still stand as the wood elves closest ally given their necessity for plants and wildlife to create their potions.  This at the very least has shone the elves that these gnomes haven't abandoned nature completely.

D&D: Once again mechanically the gnomes of ashen grey are the same as those provided in the Players HAnd Book for D&D 5th Edition.

Savage Worlds: In Savage Worlds Gnomes have the following racial traits.
Clever Little: Gnomes start with a d6 in Smarts
Wandering Mind: All Gnomes have the Curious Hindrance
Dark Vision: Gnomes suffer no effects when acting in low light conditions or total darkness.
Small Frame: Gnomes only have a pace of 4 and a d4 running die.  They also suffer -1 toughness.
Gnome Cunning: Gnomes gain Arcane Resistance ignoring the normal requirements.
Subrace: Gnomes can select from the following sub-races.
-Rock Gnome: Rock Gnomes gain the Weird Science Arcane Background.
-Forrest Gnome: Forrest Gnomes gain the Alchemist Arcane Background.

Common Knoledge: Regardless of the sub-race all gnomes can use their common knowledge to understand magic items, alchemical objects, and technological devices.

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