Friday, August 28, 2015

Races of Ashen Grey: The Forged

Built of the city.

Created by rock gnome inventors the war-forged were originally created to be the next and last generation of explorers, however when it was found that these being had the same hopes and will as any living being their creation was halted by order of the king and all those made allowed to walk their own path in life.  When the forged were first created many saw them as a form of cheap labor as they no longer needed to eat or sleep.  This lead to many non-explorer models to be built for any number of tasks from bakers to smiths.  When the king saw that the forged were in fact alive he gave them the full rights of any other race in the city.  Once this happened many forged found themselves in a conflict that they had no desire to perform the task they were originally designed to do while others found peace in knowing their purpose in life.  It is rumored that some underworld forges still exist making illegal forges for slave labor.


D&D: As of right now the Forged use the Warforged race from D&D Unearthed Arcana, but it the race were to be changed in official publication this may change.

Savage Worlds:
• Construct (8): Constructs are robots or beings made of inorganic material. They
receive +2 to recover from being Shaken, ignore one level of wound modifiers,
don’t breathe, and are immune to disease and poison. They cannot heal naturally
but must be Repaired (and ignore the “Golden Hour”). Most Constructs have the
Dependency Negative Racial Ability as well (for power).

• Doesn’t Breathe (2): The species does not breathe. Individuals aren’t affected
by inhaled toxins, can’t drown, and don’t suffocate in a vacuum (they may still
freeze, however).

• Outsider Hindrance (Major, –2): Organic species often treat forged as property 
rather than sentient beings. They have no rights in many towns, and suffer –2
Charisma when dealing with beings who know aren’t forged or gnomes.

• Environmental Weakness (-2): The forged suffers a –4 penalty to resist electricity and water effects (Other than drowning). If the being suffers an attack based either of these forms, the penalty acts as a bonus to damage.

• Rusting(-2): Forged can rust in water.  Once a forged is at least half submerged in water they begin to suffer -4 on all trait rolls.  This penalty persists until repaired by being removed from the water and a repair check requiring one hour.

• Self Improvement: Any racial penalty may be bought off as an advance other than the Outsider Hindrance. The Environmental Weaknesses to water and electricity must be bought off separately. This requires appropriate materials and a technician willing to do the work.

Common Knowledge: Forged were all built for a specific task.  At character creation pick a single occupation andyou may make common knowledge rolls at +1 regarding that occupation.

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