Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Races of Ashen Grey: Humans

The numerous of the city.

Human are easily the most common race living within the city as they adaptability lefts them to any and all walks of life.  It is the humans the rule the city with their king on the throne and it's their laws that are considered the laws of the land.  While many see humans as bringers of peace by uniting the many races under a single city, there are others that seem them more as a plague simply looking to do nothing more than spread. 

Don't be mislead by their average nature.  Humans are smart and cunning, able to blend into most situations.  They range the most in varied talents and skill sets and as such it can be hard to tell what a person's true skills are with just a glance. The Ashen King works hard to portray himself and the race he represents and the bringers of order to the land even if those who resist may require special attention.

D&D: Humans in Ashen Grey use the Variant rules presented in the D&D Player's Handbook granting them a free feat at level one, a free skill proficiency, and +1 n two ability scores of their choice.

Savage Worlds: The world of Ashen Grey is a dangerous place and heroes need to be capable.  Because of this Human's start with an additional Attribute Point in addition the the free Edge they normally receive.

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