Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Races of Ashen Grey: Halflings

Halflings: The soul of the city.
Halflings have found a home where they can thrive in Ashen Grey. Many have found a stable comfortable life as bakers and merchants (Stout) while others are the thieves and grifters (Lightfoot) of the cities underbelly.  Almost as numerous as humans halflings migrated to Ashen Grey in droves.  With no homeland of their own they were more than willing to join the city,

Lightfoot Halflings:
Through their years without a home many halflings took up lives of crime hoping from town to town to stay ahead of the law.  Now living within a single city it has been seen to be a wiser choice to instead hide in plain sight.  Nimble and quick lightfoot halflings have a tendency to slide out of any scrape they often get themselves into.

Stout Halflings:

Unlike their thieving cousins the stout halflings were the first of the halfling families to come to the city.  It is said these first families mingled with the dwarves that first built the city, but it is not know for sure.  One thing is known though, Halfling Stout is considered some of the best brew in all the city. Either way these halflings found sanctuary in Ashen Grey in the ability to build a stable home at last.

D&D: As you might have guessed by now the halflings of Ashen Grey are mechanically the same as those found in the PHB for D&D 5e.

Savage Worlds:
Fortunate: Halflings draw one additional benny per game session. This may be combined with the Luck and Great Luck Edges. 
Short: Halflings average only about 4’ tall. Their small size subtracts 1 from their Toughness. Half-folk have a Size of –1, and cannot take the Small Hindrance. 
Spirited: Halflings are generally optimistic beings. They start with a d6 Spirit instead of a d4.
Sub-Race: As a halfling you select one of two sub races you belong to.
-Lightfoot: You gain the Thief Edge
-Stout: You gain +2 to all Vigor Rolls to resist poisons or toxins (This includes alcohol) 

Common Knowledge: Regardless of the individual all halflings know a bit about Trading, Petty Crimes, and Spirited Drinks and can make common knowledge rolls on any of these.

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