Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Races of Ashen Grey: Elves

Elves: A race divided.
While the High elves sit in their Ivory Tower studying arcane lore and tradition between elegant banquets the wood elves till the farms to feed the people.  While there isn't a level of animosity to break out into any form of war it is very clear that neither side has any liking for the other.

High Elves
The magical autocracy of Ashen Grey the high elves run and almost exclusively live within the city's arcane university known as The Ivory Tower.  One of the first truly grant buildings to be constructed in Ashen Grey this town symbolized humanity's allegiance with the elves as they welcomed them into the city that was now under their control.  It's quite uncommon to see a high elf outside of the tower, but it has been known to happen from time to time.

Wood Elves
Originally a group of elves un-trusting of the humans the wood elves chose not to wall themselves up in the Ivory Tower.  Instead they originally kept to themselves within the forests that surrounded the city, however after the city walls began to expand the wood elves saw this as but a temporary solution.  Knowing they alone could not fight a city full of soldiers they instead agreed to join within Ashen Grey on the condition that they tend to the farmlands surrounding the city and that those lands would never be industrialized.  It's this agreement that has lead for expeditions to find new locations to start secondary cities rather than simply expand the walls as had been done before.

D&D: As with the Dwarves, mechanically the elves of Ashen Grey are identical to those found in the PHB.

Savage Worlds:
• Agile: Elves are graceful and agile. They start with a d6 in Agility instead of a d4.
• All Thumbs: Elves have an inbred dislike of mechanical objects, and thus have the
All Thumbs Hindrance. They shun most mechanical items and designs.
• Low Light Vision: The character’s eyes amplify light like a cat’s, allowing him to
see in the dark. He ignores attack penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.
• Sub Race: Being as divided as they are the sub-races of elves not only grant separate abilities, but also separate common knowledges as well.
High Elves: Know a single Novice level power.  Casting this power requires a Smarts roll with a penalty equal to the normal power point cost listed within the power's description.  This power costs no power points.
Common Knowledge: High Elves may make common knowledge rolls regarding arcane texts, rituals, and runes.
Wood Elves: Wood Elves gain the Woodsman Edge for free
 Common Knowledge: Wood Elves can use common knowledge when pertaining to plant and wildlife as well as any  situation involving farming and agriculture.

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